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Fr, 06.04.2018 Romantica // Stuttgart, DE

Sa, 07.04.2018 Bahnwärter Thiel // München, DE
Jascha Hagen, Maes, Johannes Ton

So, 08.04.2018 Supermarket // Zürich, CH
WIDE AWAKE, Kerala Dust

Fr, 20.04.2018 Stereokitchen // Beirut, LB
Martha van Straaten

Sa, 21.04.2018 Holzpark Klybeck // Basel, CH

Fr, 27.04.2018 Odonien // Köln, DE
Martha van Straaten & M.Rux, Ninze & Okaxy, Dübl & Nase + Feines Tier Showcase

Sa, 21.04.2018 Holzpark Klybeck // Basel, CH

Fr, 04.05.2018 Nachtigall // Köln, DE
Yør Kultura

Fr, 11.05.2018 Odonien // Köln, DE

Sticking together and celebrating friendship intensively for years, Luise was born in 2009 aiming to give love and care as well as to create a home for yet unsettled ideas and curious adventures. While music has naturally been a constant and beloved companion, the spirit of Laut & Luise is much broader than a specific definition of house or techno music can grasp. Lovely music on a well painted 12" vinyl or a convenient zip file.

To expand the possibilities and supply a new musical playground the little sister was born in 2013: Luettje Luise. Music for the tea lovers and living room enthusiasts, pressed on 7" vinyl only, limited to 300 pieces and completed by a hand crafted artwork.

What is the opposite of little? Lost. Since 2017 there is a new sub label, limited to nothing but a digital playback device and labeled with a mouse crafted artwork. Lost in Luise, for the digital natives and the internet explorers.

Laut & Luise is a record label family based in Cologne and Berlin



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Für die Ewigwachgebliebenen zum Feierabendbier, für die Frühaufsteher als Seelenfutter zum Wochenbeginn:

Montagssorbet mit Laut & Luise.

Alles erlaubt, was gut tut und Gedanken kreisen lässt, nur der Name ist Programm: cremig, fluffig und ganz schön weich.