Dürerstuben are back at them ivory keys to prove once again their broadly spread outcome of funk and groove. Being responsible for mothership Luise’s first release and hence smoothing the way for a whole lot of pleasent memories we can look back to by now, it’s that kind of re-(re!)-animation which puts our hearts to pleaseant warmths. Saddle your moped, pull up your Levi’s and straighten your backs: Trays’n’Hits is the right compagnion for long lasting late-night drives, self proclaimed city slackers and mother earth’s first outcome of country music you are bound to be proud of listening to.

Spin it, Johnny!

Limited release with laser-carved sleeve.

A1: In Trow
A2: Re-Animation

B1: Voll Erledigt
B2: Goldene Fußstapfen

Label: Luettje Luise
Cat.-No.: LUEL005
EAN: 4025858070650
7” Vinyl
Dec. 2016


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