From the deep roots of giant trees with longing vines come the drums that flow through ear, heart, nerves and limbs. In soothing yet roaring bewilderment, like the Pororoca of Rio Negro and Rio São Francisco that carve their ways through the unchartered Brazilian land, »Ricardo Vincenzo« creates a soundscape of different beats, sounds and voices from the indigenous world. A rhythmic brew with varying monotony that scratches at the doors of perception and seduces our Little Luise to tiptoe through her sleep walking journey. Que noite maravilhosa.

Limited release with hand-silkscreened sleeve.

A: Undiú Chancha Camarade
B: Eletrotranse Do Alto Rio Negro (Japurutu Extended)


Label: Luettje Luise
Cat.-No.: LUEL003
EAN: 4025858069661
7” Vinyl
June 2015


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