Contemplate, reflect, observe and record. Constantijn Lange presents a story of reminiscence and memory, partial witnesses of past and present journeys. Ideas and ideals of what has been and what could have been entangled between complementing poles of drive and meditation. The result is his first full length album and a personal story that unfolds all its details the closer you get..

A1. Horizon
A2. The Swell
A3. Treetop Swing

B1. Elysian Fields
B2. Cyanotype feat. Pavlov

C1. Aerolite
C2. Purple Crested Lourie

D1. Riss
D2. Dripstone Tales
D3. That Romantic Scene feat. Onosizo


Label: Laut & Luise
Cat-No: LULLP002
EAN-Barcode: 4025858071299
2x 12” Vinyl
January 2019


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